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Our first Summer collection presents essentials garnments we have assembled through the years. We create spontaneously, and in a very personnal way, showcasing the appreciation of beauty and timeless items.

For a relaxed attitude, feminine and elegant, bringing forces of tailoiring to an easy clothe kind of Summer. Our fabrics are pure and only cotton and linen composition, in white and oatmeal tones. 

Linen is a material that was used to feel cooler since the Ancient times, it has an incredible comfort and feel creating between our body and the close itself.

The Artist shirt, a thin cotton blouse with ample sleeves, 420 shekels. Our sailor pants, made of airy cotton canvas and white sailor buttons, 590 shekels.

Our linen tunique in creme tone for a relaxed and classy kind of summer, 590 shekels. Pure fibres, linen pants, 420 shekels. Wearing the Levana sandals.

An embroidery white and creme dress, birds and flowers sewed on the low part of the dress and ultra thin straps over the shoulder, 860 shekels.

Our tunique is made of linen, to feel cooler during hot summer, 590 shekels.

The summer/autumn vest, available in 2 different color, natural linen and cream, 590 shekels.

Showcasing our new Pareos collection, block printed in various colors and patterns, 195 shekels. Our short white embroidery top, 420 shekels.

The white cotton classy dress, can be wear closed and open buttons style. Pockets on the sides, 790 shekels.

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