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Milos Wild gateaway

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

We always love to discover new places, new islands, wild nature together with our kids. We arrived in Milos vis Paros on a boat ( it is the first year you could get there with only one hour and a half travel with the fast ferry). This beautiful island is unspoiled, earthy landscapes and infinite options for hidden beaches, and dirt roads to discover this volcanic island. We rented a jeep, wander around villages, and mapped the whole island for you !

MILOS beaches: Saraniko, Tsigrado (not for small children), Firiplaka (one of the best), Provatas, Papafragas, Plathiena (Dirt road to get there, it is not organized but wild and beautiful), Agathia.

We discovered so many beaches that were not on the map, but with directions on the road, adding a little adventure to our trip.

We always love to combine an rbnb experience to our travels, giving us the possibility to feel home!

During our trips, all of us wear sandals, I always have a pair only for the day, for the whole trip, always taking a natural tone sandals and let them darken under the sun.

Sinai loves them so much !

It only took me two years, to convince Eyal to wear them, today he is in Greek Sandals only and I love it

We really enjoyed staying at the Delmar Appartements, it is located in the cutest fishing village and you can experience a day trip to the beautiful Kimolos island, highly recommended !

Also on the port, there is the best restaurant, look for the ceramic sign ''AEGAN CUISINE'' for extraordinary gastronomy using local products.

Restaurants: O Hamos (Adamas) go fo early dinner or wait a little, you cannot book a table but it is such a special place, Sirocco in Paleochori they will show you how to slow cook your fish in a volcanic sand pit,

Meze at Medusa by the sea, Kivotos ton Gefseon for breakfast and late brunch, dine in Tripiti village and sea the sunset, Gialos in Pollonia was defenetly one of our favorite!

Wearing our Yarden sandals, which is super confortable as it is a sandal with no buckles or lace

but does hold your feet for long walk and climb sometimes ;-)

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